2 in 1 Water Gun



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--- Much more powerful than many water gun I'd bought out there ---

Make yourself an exciting 2 in 1 Water Gun just from simple materials around your home.

This gun is an great idea for summer outside water war. So please vote me in the Summer Fun Contest and the Outside Contest if you found this cool (I hope so) .

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Step 1: Materials

A ball pen, an empty shampoo bottle with the bump-cap, some small water pipe, a can.

Step 2: Option 1 (Mini Gun) - Making the Barrel

  1. Cut 1 piece from the ball pen inner, stick on some glue, note that do not stick glue to the holes.
  2. Stick the pen inner to the pen-head, cut away the top to make the barrel.
  3. Cut a part of the pen outer, insert the barrel made in step 2 in.

Step 3: Assembling and Done Option 1:

  1. On the top op the shampoo's cap, bore a hole which the size that fit the pen inner.
  2. Insert your water gun barrel in - Finished

Step 4: Option 2 (The Machine Gun):

  1. Release the cap from the shampoo bottle, insert your water pipe in 1 end.
  2. Bore 2 hole on the can's cap. Insert the left end of the pipe in - Finished

Step 5: Attackk!! .. Win .. and Come Back to Vote Me :)

Or just Vote Me right now :)))

Thanks for viewing mu Instruct!

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