2 in 1 Cache.

Introduction: 2 in 1 Cache.

would u like to have a nano holding on by another cache i have made 1 that works great this can be placed in many places.

You might want to use my nano geo-container for this.

Okay main point for this cache was to send them off to another location ( They read a clue where there would be a log. )

They go off somewhere and find another cache, but it says: " Go back to the first clue as it was with the clue the whole time! " ( Give some distance and they will enjoy the cache! Regardless on how much they had to walk! )

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Step 1: What Do We Need.

ok this is what you will need.



A nano cache,

an old speaker.

Step 2: Make a Log.

ok so now we will need to start of by making a log.

this can just be a peice of paper cut to the correct size to fit in the speeker.

i used a print off from the site.

Step 3: Put the Log In.

OK this might be beta if you use water proof paper because this is not water proof or at least put this under a water proof area that has some wooden that this can live on.

this caches log is small and will need to be checked every few finds

Step 4: Hold the 2nd Cache

ok so now th 2nd cache will not hold we will need to make some bends in the contacts so it will hold the cache from the roof or wall.

Step 5: Time for Screws.

ok now we need to find the spot our caches will live that is wood and water proof.

Step 6: Time to Hide.

ok so we have the screws in now we need to put on the cache and then put the other cache on the hook...

Step 7: Congragulations.

congrats you've made a 2 in 1 geocache container/geocahing hook.

Step 8: Join My Group

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe as a puzzle cache where the nano gives a hint to the other cache location.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool idea.  Often thought of doing something similar myself - often wondered who you'd get it approved by the reviewers though. 

    My thoughts so far would be to use it as the start and finish of a multi, with a middle cache which points you back at the start - of course the reviewers would still notice that GZ and initial Waypoint are the same thing. 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure if you explained it to the reviewers they would let it through.