2 Liter Ice Packs




Introduction: 2 Liter Ice Packs

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A great use for unwanted and used plastic bottles...ICE PACKS!!!

Step 1:

Fill the empty and rinsed out plastic bottle about 3/4 full with water.

Step 2:

Secure the cap and freeze.

Step 3:

These handy items can be used in your lunchbox, cooler, or to ice an injury from your latest instructable experiment. Not only are we recycling plastic bottles we never have to change the water.

Step 4: Warnings

NOTE: Do not drink the water because it has been said that plastic bottles release a toxin when frozen. Potentially fatal or cancerous if you drink out of a frozen plastic bottle.



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    Actually no it is not, they have had scientific studies in France, England, And the U.S. confirming this statement

    this is hoax dude:D

    i would fill it up all the way freeze cut the plastic away then drop on someones head or make an over sized potato cannon canon to launch at walls cars windows pictures old computers/t.v.s and my sisters

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    That's a really good tip, however it's just a little short for a full instructable. Now if you had a whole bunch of tips like this... But if you don't I have a better solution, Instructopedia. I added you as a collaborator and you can add this to the food section.

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    That's the idea, see how all of the stuff is added under the step? the step is the section, helps keep things neat and very tidy...