2 Pairs Card Trick

put them in pairs

Step 1:

Countinue doing that.

Step 2:

Then put one pile on gop of the other.

Step 3:

Then tell them to pick two pairs.let them pick anything for example 2 red eights.

Step 4:

Then pick a random card and swicth the piles over.

Step 5:

On each end count nine cards put one of the eight on each end

Step 6:

Then start from the top and make two piles until the pile is gone

Step 7:

The pile without two eights goe s away

Step 8:

Countinue putting them in two piles and taking the piles out until you have one card left

Step 9:

Flip over the two cards and see ifthere the same. Have fun. Please follow me.



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    CSI worker

    4 years ago

    What does this have to do with airsoft? Good Instrutable tho!