2 Simple But Epic Lego Guns - Sniper and Automatic Gun

In this (my first) instructable, I will be teaching you how to make two simple but cool looking lego guns.

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Step 1: The Pieces

For the sniper, you will need the following pieces:
 - 2 Scopes
 - 1 Barrel
 - 1 Clip thingy
 - 1 Megaphone
 - 1 Clip Barrel

For the Automatic Gun, you will need the following pieces:
 - 1 Harpoon
 - 1 Robot Hand
 - 1 Bionicle Peg

Step 2: Making the Sniper

To make the sniper, first assemble the barrel, then the butt, then the scope, and finally put everything together.

Step 3: Making the Automatic Gun

Stick the harpoon into the peg and attach the hand (clip.)

Step 4: Done!

Now take your munitions and go lay siege to your enemies base!

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    epic i love Minnie creations like that


    2 years ago

    cool! i have an arsenal of similar guns, i might post on how to make them.