2 Simple Pranks


Introduction: 2 Simple Pranks

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I will teach you how to pull off some pranks that won't hurt anybody, or get anyone upset.

1. Reverse the way a candy wrapper is wrapped on half of it so that you can't open it by just pulling on both sides.
  Normally, one side is wrapped clockwise, and the other side is wrapped counter clockwise. Make it so that both sides are wound up clockwise.
2. Flip the tab on a soda can around so that no one will be able to open it.

See the pictures to see what I mean if you don't understand.



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    Wow... so simple yet nobody knew about it before now...

    you could use glue underneath the coke tab to make an impossible can :)

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    yeah that would work too. but if you do it my way then if someone pulls hard enough it might break off, or it would just open in a funny way.