20+ Foot Tall PVC Ham Radio Tower - Mast


Introduction: 20+ Foot Tall PVC Ham Radio Tower - Mast

I wanted to see if it was possible to build a 20 foot tall ham radio tower/mast to give my 2 meter J pole antenna more elevation.  My goals were also to keep the project as cheap as possible.  This PVC tower project cost less than $50.

PVC is not a great material to use for support masts due to UV breakdown.  Because the parts were so cheap I figured I would give it a try anyhow.  If it lasts a year or two that would be great; I'm not really expecting anything longer than that.

Thanks for taking a look.



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    Give it a coat of paint, that will stop the UV damage for many years.

    How did this project work out and did it hold up in the wind.

    Thank you



    Looked at the youtube. Great! The mast may last longer than you thought. Many of my friends lost big yagis here in central new jersey but my wire and vertical were fine. The wind was incredible and I'm very lucky no damage to property, life or house.

    Here's the follow-up video after the storm...