$20 Kool-Aid Man Halloween Costume

Introduction: $20 Kool-Aid Man Halloween Costume

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With $20 for a few supplies, a few cardboard boxes taken from a cardboard dumpster, acrylic paint and some basic craft tools you too can be Kool-Aid Man for Halloween!

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Step 1: Draw a Grid Over a Picture of Kool-Aid

Find the best straight forward view of Kool-Aid Man and draw a grid over it.

  • Your grid should allow you to be able to plot and resize by sight for the next step

Step 2: Collect Your Supplies!

  • Glue gun
  • Glue gun sticks
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint (Black,White,Dark Red, Red, Blue,)
  • Foam Roller or Large square paint brush
  • Medium size square paint brush
  • X-ACTO Knife
  • One yard of Tulle
  • Brown Packing Paper
  • Straight Edge
  • marking marker
  • pencil
  • a paint well or a piece of plastic you can mix paint on
  • Masking tape
  • three or four large rectangular boxes measuring at least 40" Long (Opened Flat)
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Free wall space

Step 3:

  • Cut the brown packing paper into two pieces, each piece needs to be at least 42" long (each of my brown paper was 18" wide)
  • Take your two pieces of brown packing paper and carefully remove as much of the wrinkles from the paper as possible .
  • Tape the two pieces (by their upper edges) to a free wall as close together as possible with masking tape.
  • Then tape the two pieces together, remove from the wall and then flip to reveal the opposite side .

Step 4: Drawing a Corresponding Grid / Kool-aid Man Template

  • Draw (with a pencil that has an eraser) a corresponding grid that equals the same number of squares as your first picture of the kool-aid man with the grid.
  • Holding your Kool-aid man grid in one hand copy the outline of the kool-aid man onto the brown paper
  • Stand with your back against the brown paper and align and adjust the position brown paper so that the bottom of the "pitcher" outline ends at right at the beginning of your pelvic bone or three inches below your belly button.
  • With the kool-aid man grid in your hand again draw the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows of the kool-aid man on the brown paper.
  • Next step you will need a friend
  • Then with your back against the brown paper again make a mark where the top of your head is and where your arms would be if you were to stretch them out to your sides make a mark above and below your arms and connect a both lines across the brown paper.
  • Cut Kool-aid man template out

Step 5: Making the Front and Back of Kool-aid Man

  • Place Kool-aid man template against unfolded cardboard box while using a marking marker trace and cut out .
  • Using the cut-out from previous step trace the cut-out on another card board box unfolded and cut out

Step 6:

  • Holding the Kool-aid template over kool-aid cardboard cut outs make small poking marks with x-acto knife through the paper on the cardboard as a layout for the eyes, nose , mouth and eyebrows
  • Remove template and connect dots/ poking marks with a pencils until your have a good rending of the facial features of the kool-aid man.
  • Cut out eyes and mouth of kool-aid man

Step 7: Building Kool-aid Man

  • Stack the cardboard pieces together so that the pieces line up back to front
  • If there are any creases within the cardboard tape over with clear packing tape on the side that won't be seen
  • Measure front to back the side of head- that measurement with decide how wide the connecting side pieces of the kool-aid needs to be.
  • cut out long pieces of cardboard measuring at least 9 wide (the side length of my head)
  • The pieces need to be as long until the point that you measured on you Brown paper template where the top of your arm begin and another piece from the line where you bottom of your arm is to about 6".
  • Roll your cardboard horizontally to allow Hot gluing the pieces of cardboard to one side of the jug piece and when that dries then the other
  • see pictures.

Step 8: Paint Red Part of Kool-aid Man With Foam Roller

Paint red part of kool-aid man with foam roller about three coats

Step 9: Cut Out Handle

Cut a u shape piece of cardboard for the handle roll horizontally

Paint handle a mixture of white and blue paint for a light blue color

glue to jug part

Step 10:

Paint top of jug light blue paint color to match handle

Glue and paint second part of arm hole to jug

ATTACH black tulle to mouth and eyes to inside of costume with hot glue gun

Step 11: Decorations

Paint outline of eyes and mouth in black paint

paint eyebrows and nose in black paint

Mix black and white paint for gray to free hand ice cubes all over top of jug

Let dry!

Step 12: Your Done!

Add red pants and shirt! and your done

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice costume! Who doesn't love the KoolAid man?!


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    Thank you! :P

    p.s. OH YEAH!