20 Minute Baby Blanket




Introduction: 20 Minute Baby Blanket

This is a simple way to make a baby blanket. Takes about 20 minutes or less once you get the hang of it. You'll need scissors, yarn, yarn needle, 2 panels of 1.25 yards of coordinating fabric, and two packages of double fold bias tape (quilt binding) and of course a sewing machine.



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    Love how quick and easy that is! I will be making a few for my bun in the oven! Thanks!

    I had a blanket JUST like this in kindergarten. Someone had made them for our whole class. I remember playing with the yarn, trying not to fall asleep, and waking up wondering WHY I couldn't stay up.

     I live in Alaska, so adding a layer of batting for some added warmth is a good idea, too.

    How great that such a young lady can teach us all how to de-complicate making a needed item or make a gift.  She make it so explanatory that even without a sewing machine, one might attemp it!  Thank you.

    Embroidery floss works better than yarn. Use all 6 strands together. Just as strong, but not so lumpy.

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    My son loves to twirl the yarn in his fingers as he's falling asleep. Yes, embroidery floss works fine too.