$20 Softbox




Introduction: $20 Softbox

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In this instructable I'm going to show how I made my first Softbox for an under $20 budget.
If you want to see the exact process of it being built, I've uploaded a video guide here:


Step 1: Collect Desired Materials

At the least you'll need a lightbulb socket, a lightswitch(built in dimmer is optional), a switch plate, and a mount for the switch.

We'll also need something to mount everything to and focus the light, in this case we'll use a bucket.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Before we jump into the fray, check to make sure that you have enough wire of the proper gauge to reach where you generally want to put your light. If not, consider buying longer wire or using an extension cord.

Begin by making a hole in your container just big enough to thread your socket through, for this I used a razor knife.

Once the hole is cut, go ahead and thread your socket on. This is when I went ahead and attached the case for the power switch.

Step 3: Strippers

If you haven't already, pull your wires to roughly where they'll lay once attatched, but don't forget to leave some slack to work with.

Once your wires are cut and stripped, you're free to attach everything.

Make sure that once everything is connected that there aren't any lengths of exposed copper that could touch off and electrify any metal of the casing or mounts. My lamp cord didn't offer a ground connection, albeit I wish it had.

Step 4: Assembly

Now that the cord has been measured and stripped, I suggest smashing the ends with pliers. It will make it a little bit easier to feed into the screw terminals. Go ahead and drill and bolt your switch house onto your container if you haven't already. If your switch plate won't fit, you can either cut the plate down to size, or omit it entirely.
I wanted to keep mine only so that I could label it.

Step 5: Nighttime Light Time

Now that your Softbox has been assembled, you'll need to find a suitable bulb to go into it.

This isn't as simple as it sounds, since I insisted on using an LED bulb, I had to find one that was dimmable. Just for the sake of showing that the Softbox functions, I put an Edison style bulb in it.



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