20 Dollar Gold Mine

Introduction: 20 Dollar Gold Mine

The aim is not to simply throw a very useful equipment which we think is obsolete and useless; but to re-use it is worth allot of time and money...
Meet Clarion ADX 5255. This is a car stereo from year 1999. It is a Hi fi stereo FM; cassette and CD player. It is no longer needed because new car stereo has a LED video screen, and no moving parts all from SD card media.
Please do not throw the Clarion, if you do not have one, buy one from car junk for only 10 - 30 US$. it is a gold mine for making robots and animatronics.
Lets dismantle, and mine in... 

Step 1: First Layer CD Player

opening the to cover shows that there are 2 mechanisms sitting op top of each other
1- On top CD player and autoloader.
2- Cassette player and autoloader.

Opened the CD player mechanism, removed it, and then unscrewed its parts; the harvest was:
1- CD loader mechanism with hi quality motor. good as a linear actuator.
2- CD spinning motor, very high speed and very quiet motor.
3- Laser positioning motor a perfect linear actuator.
4- Hi quality Laser with lens.

Step 2: Second Treasure; the Cassette Player

located below the CD mechanism, cassette player dismatled, and here is the harvest:
1- Cassette pull-in-push-out mechanism with hi quality motor and gears.
2- player motor very quiet and high speed.
3- Optical position sensor + magnetic rotation sensor.
4- big bunch of springs, rollers, spindles, gears and levers.

Step 3: More Harvest Parts

And there is more; last batch is
1- face plate contains color graphic analyzer..will try to interface it on any amplifier.
2-HiFi power amplifier inside the back of the stereo.
3- Tuner block for radio guru s.
4- lots of screws, springs, spacers..etc.
TOTAL Harvest was:
5 hi quality motors;(including 3 with linear gears)
1 Audio power amplifier w 4 speakers output.
lots of gears, springs, spindles,  livers
1 graphic analyzer.

Hope you benefited from this humble instructable.



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    9 Discussions

    I love this! I will use it to refer to when my family tells me I am nuts for keeping all "used and worthless" stereos and phones, etc..... I always think there is something in there I can use. I don't really know how right now but maybe I will learn. Thanks!

    True; there is one graphic analyser chip, yummy yummy..but sadly I don't have SMD soldering/desoldering tools...

    Good job. I really enjoyed it. It makes me no feel so guilty for the pile of electronics I have saved in my closet.

    1 reply

    Thank you all for kind support. And please every small help to save this planet from littering habits among people.

    Good advice pal. Recycle, Reuse, remake.

    Nice, I threw out a large stereo recently, but not before removing all the goodies!