Miniature 20 Foot Yurt in 1:12 Scale




About: I'm a full time researcher and writer who began seeking alternative housing in order to continue my work (which doesn't pay very well). Along the way I became a cold weather housing researcher and full time ...

I made my first 1:12 scale model gertee in 2005. This one is a lot more realistic. I made this one to show my builders exactly how I make them full scale. I tried to use many of the same materials as are in the full size livable ones.

It took several days cutting and tying the wall dowls together (longer than full size). I don't recommend using round wall slats in this size (although it does work okay with full size walls). I had to make up some tricky hand holds to get them started.

Found a box of exotic hardwoods on ebay and used it to make both doors and frames, both tables, the chairs (not the rocker), the desk and the shelves on top of the kitchen drawers.

At first I had a 1/3 cardboard loft with spruce and diamond willow stick posts but took it out of the display because it made it hard to see inside it.

Even before it was built I wanted to furnish it as an example of how the space can be used to make a realistic, comfortable, round living space. Then I went into what can only be described as mini madness, and I made all kinds of other things.

For a spatial and livability comparison I added a 16 inch 1:12 scale teepee and a 22 inch 1:12 scale travel trailer to my mini display. The Alaskan Trailer Trash scene was a huge hit with the locals, one of whom borrowed us his Harley replica for the season. It's fun watching how even grown men react to miniatures and I'm reorgainizing my home gertee so I have the space to keep the project going all winter. I haven't finished the teepee yet.

My models are Xena Warrior Princess and Indiana Jones (who both look like Alaskans I know!).

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is great example of a finished product but do you have the instructions so that i might build one myself? I plan on building the scale (for a cat yurt) before I attempt one in my back yard for an artist studio.