$2.00 Super Andy Warhol Nicolou Inspired Sunglasses




Introduction: $2.00 Super Andy Warhol Nicolou Inspired Sunglasses

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This instructable was inspired by a $530.00 pair of sunglasses. The glasses are sold at Moma and are part of a series of four inspired by Warhol and his muses. They have great design but the price tag was not in my range of affordability. This is my reasonable alternative. :)

Step 1: Materials

Obtained at Dollar Tree for $1 each

1 pair of adult cat eye sunglasses
1 pair of children's sunglasses

Step 2: Pop Out Lenses

Using light pressure at the outer corners , pop out the lenses on each pair.

Step 3: Place Smaller Lenses in Adult Frames

The lenses will fit snuggly top to bottom. It you are very active, you can use a dot of adhesive to secure the lenses.

Step 4: That's It! Put Them on and Enjoy.

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