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Introduction: Starwars ATAT Imperial Walker Build

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2012 I wanted to do something big, i made Ironman last year and Master Chief the year before.

It is a 1:6.5 scale of the original and very large, i didnt get all the detail i wanted but here its is anyway.

Step 1: Making the Frame

I built the frame from 1/2 in PVC and glued it together. Some areas were heat bent because there was no fittings for such angle.

Step 2: Stilts

In order to be the proper height I needed a set of stilts, so i made some with 2x4's and 2x6's to replicate drywall stilts. There is a 2x6 in the center of each bucket and a 2x4 as a foot pad. Leg brace was later upgraded to a 2x4 for more support. 

Step 3: Applying the Skin

Keeping the weight low i wanted something sturdy and light. I decided on corrugated plastic, the same thing used for campaign signs. I can be purchased in big sheets, since the election was still on and none were to be found free. I was cut to shape and screwed to the pvc. 

 Expanding foam was also used to strengthen certain spots that didnt have pvc near the top.

Step 4: Test Height

Height was tested since my back legs(my brother) was a couple inches shorter than me.

Paint was just a light grey primer from the store.

PVC frames were built to cover the legs and skinned as well.

Step 5: Done

Finnish painting, ad some details, and hang luke from under the belly and it is ready to walk.... Height is over 10ft tall and 12 ft front to back. It comes apart in 2 sections to make transport easier. There was many lights but they were not turned on for this photo(including the cockpit) .


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    Does the PDF have more details than what you have already given? Thanks! We are going to attempt :)

    Sorry havent checked this lately, i think i used 6 4x8' sheets and i bought it at a plastics shop like TAP Plastics.

    It is 1/10th scale i believe 10ft tall 12ft long and 4ft wide.

    my friends wouldn't come with me to go in one of these so o built an at-st it looked great except that I couldn't get the legs right for my knees to bend still thanks for the inspiration

    my friends wouldn't come with me to go in one of these so o built an at-st it looked great except that I couldn't get the legs right for my knees to bend still thanks for the inspiration

    Love it

    Thanks, the head was able to move up and down with a pulley and left and right. Blasters had light effects in them.

    a few (only) suggestions:
    1: make the head movable.
    2: make something that lets you adjust how tall the stilts are.
    3: install backpack straps inside so your hands are free. (look at #4, it makes this a lot easier)
    4: install a HUGE box for candy inside. (what else are you going to do with all that empty space)
    a note on the front along the lines of "there are two people inside the walker, so please be generous" will help both people inside.

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    Not sure if you did or not but on the buckets adding a ring of rubber would soften your step to avoid that plastic thud that it makes when people walk with buckets on their feet. also putting some thing ti fill the void so it doesn't pump up with air like isolation.

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    I didn't do the rubber, but the insides were partially filled with expanding foam.

    That helps too. Otherwise it's like Stomp lol.

    Looks cool! Can you make a video?

    Well, people must not have liked starwars this year? I got 10,000 views in 3 weeks thanks all.

    Good Lord!! That's not a Halloween costume. It's a parade float!! Amazing job! Can't wait for the video!