2015.12.28-Convert a Coleman 220J Lantern to Kerosene (汽化燈改吃煤油)



Why convert a Coleman 220J Lantern to Kerosene?

The Kerosene is more cheap than Coleman fuel.

The Kerosene is much safer than Coleman fuel.

The Kerosene is easy to storage.

Step 1: Modify 220J Generator by Using 200A Tip and Cleaning Rod

(將200A 的噴嘴及通針安裝到220J的上油管。)

Step 2: Assembly Time

Assemble the modified 220J generator and preheater cup back to the lantern.


Step 3: Test Run

1. Fill the fuel tank with kerosene. (Do not using Coleman fuel!!)

2. Fill the preheater cup with alcohol.

3. Let the cleaning needle lever to down.

4. Open fuel valve to maximum. (Do not pumping at this time!!)

5. Light the alcohol to preheat.

6. Wait the alcohol almost burns out, and now starting pump.

7. The mantles should be lights up.


1. 將煤油注入油壺。(不要再使用去漬油!!)

2. 將酒精注入預熱杯。

3. 將通針桿向下,使噴嘴暢通。

4. 將油閥開至最大。(現在先還不要打氣!!)

5. 將酒精點燃進行預熱。

6. 待酒精燒得差不多時,開始打氣。

7. 此時燈蕊應會開始亮起。

Step 4: Finished

Now the Coleman 220J are runs on kerosene.

If you need runs again on Coleman fuel,

you can replace the 200a tip and cleaning rod to original of 220J.

Please forgive for my English level, thanks for watching.



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