2017 Project Failures

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Intro: 2017 Project Failures

So have you had a good 2017? Ready to make great stuff in 2018? If you're pushing the limits (and even if you're not) you'll likely make a few mistakes along the way. Here's a compilation of some of the stuff that either failed, I didn't complete, or didn't quite fit into my other videos.

If you'd like to skip around, here are the highlights:

0:22 Air Raid Siren

2:02 SpinnerDrone Mass Production

2:49 DJI Inspire GoPro Omni Mount

4:58 Logo Clock Face

5:46 Microphone Stand

8:26 NY Maker Faire

9:32 Tindie Badge Assembly

10:12 Boston Trip

11:05 More Fire!

Step 1: Fire!

Some of this stuff did make good firewood (don't burn anything unsafe), and the engraving seen here is actually an integral part of my next build, which I'm anxious to show off!



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