2018 - the Year of the Dumpster

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I had never actively done dumpster diving for projects material or to make money. I have picked up electronic things from the curb as well as wood. The first picture shows my garage, it has two roofs,old roof,new roof.When I bought a new car in 2003 I had to fix the garage, it had barn doors, and the new car would not fit. So I fixed the front to accommodate a roll up door, I also put on a new roof as the garage had once been cut in half, then it was made full size when my oldest brother got a car. After many years the roof was a mess. I had already spent money getting rid of the junk my father had collected and was in no mood to spend money on permits,or on disposal fees. I built the new roof 18 inches above the old, leaving me a space to store my collected wood.

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Step 1: Copper Recycling an Dumpster Diving

As mentioned in the instructable "Wire stripping Oven", I stripped copper wire, made some money. A house on the other side of the lane-way was being renovated, they gutted the place, and threw out all the copper pipe, electrical wiring,aluminum siding and 2x4's, they even threw out a hammer drill with a mixing paddle attached to it. All together i got about 85 pounds of copper pipe, and about 15 pounds of stripped electrical wire. So I became a dumpster diving whore LOL. From that one dumpster I made some good money. During the summer, no spring, In Canada where I live two seasons only 6 months summer, 6 months winter, i did my gardening.

November I binge on Youtube, and at the end of November I actively start looking for raw material for my projects. I drove by this house the veranda roof being rebuilt, I ask one of the workers if i could take some of the old lumber, he said OK, but watch out for the nails,first three pictures, i went back 3 times, got some planks. Pictures 4 and 5 curb side paneling pickup. Pictures 6 and 7 show a candle being melted for the wax. Picture 8 shows my paint booth build in progress.I have also picked up Styrofoam, red oak floor boards, 2x4's,etc.

Step 2: What I Did on the Last Day of 2018

What I did on 2018/12/31

The temperature in Toronto is a frigging 4 degrees Celsius, and it is supposed to rain. No problem here with the climate dumb fuck trump.

A couple weeks ago my oldest brother dropped off 8 tubs of apple wood on my veranda. So early in the morning I moved the tubs to the garage with my car, i then proceeded to pile the wood in the shed at the back of the garage, picture 1. I then proceeded to mill some wood for my projects using my table saw picture 2. Picture 3 shows the non pressure treated saw dust, I collected it to make fire logs withe candle wax I melted. Picture 4 shows the milled wood. 75% is 1/4" thick while the long pressure treated pieces are 1"x3/4" in size. I then put the styrofoam in big plastic bags,cleaned up some in the backyard. Took a shower, and wrote this. In the evening I will have a couple of drinks of CROWN ROYAL WHISKEY, and welcome in 2019. Wishing You and Yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR, never thought I could have written all these instructables.



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