20 Watt Bluetooth Vintage Valve Radio Modification / 20瓦藍牙復古真空管收音機修改




Introduction: 20 Watt Bluetooth Vintage Valve Radio Modification / 20瓦藍牙復古真空管收音機修改

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First off, you can do this to almost any old radio... It doesn't have to be a GEC BC5445!

Please don't try this if you have no electrical knowledge, there is some significant wiring and connecting required. I am not responsible for your safety, make sure you have the skills/competences required! I suggest you watch the videos (there are four parts from start to finish) to get a feeling for what is involved and read this thoroughly before you start! Please see the circuit diagram (block diagram) for wiring details, and watch the video, this project can be done in an afternoon if you have the know-how. You will need a Bluetooth PCB which can be purchased from eBay.. link below, the rest you can source in various electronics shops such as Maplins. You can make use of the old speakers, but it is likely you will want to upgrade the system with new speakers. Buy 4 or 8 ohm speakers. Tweeters and capacitive filters or crossovers really make a huge difference to the sound quality, they are not essential, but really help. Lighting for the front panel makes a huge difference to the way this system looks... I made the mistake of using white lighting, I suggest orange or off-white.

A four part video of this can be seen below.


  • Bluetooth audio module. (LINK BELOW)
  • Laptop PSU power supply 12-20 volts 2 amps minimum.
  • Speakers (Woofer and Tweeter).
  • Crossovers or capacitors for tweeters.
  • 12 v LED strip lighting.
  • A resistor for the LED lighting if your PSU is greater than 12 v.
  • Various lengths of wire.
  • Wooden panel to blank off enclosure (if required).


  • Soldering Iron & Solder
  • Hole Saw
  • Hand Saw
  • Cutters
  • Various Screwdrivers
  • Hot Glue Gun

Bluetooth Module Example http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/kkmoon-tda7492p-2-25W-V2...

Full video descriptions of the tear down, test and re-vamping of the GEC radio below...

首先,你幾乎可以對所有舊式收音機這樣修改...不一定要是GEC BC5445!

如果您沒有電氣相關知識,請不要嘗試,因這需要做一些重要的通電和連接工作。我無法確保您的安全,請確認您具備所需的技能/能力!我建議你觀看視頻(從頭到尾有四個部分),去感覺需要些什麼,並在開始之前仔細閱讀這些文章!請參閱電路圖(方框圖)的佈線細節,並觀看視頻,如果您有這些實際知識,該項目可以一個下午就完成。您將需要一塊藍牙印刷電路板,可以在eBay購買.....請見以下鏈接,其餘的可以在像Maplins的各種電子商店找到。您可以使用舊的揚聲器,但您可能會希望使用新的揚聲器來升級系統。購買 4 或 8 歐姆揚聲器。 使用高頻揚聲器和電容濾波器或分頻器,真的會讓音質有很大的差異,雖然這些非必要,但確實佷有幫助。前面板子的燈光讓外觀看起來有很大的不同。我犯了個錯,使用白色光,我建議使用橙色或黃白色光。



  • 藍芽音頻模組(請見以下鏈結)
  • 筆電電源供應器最小12-20 伏特 2 安培
  • 揚聲器(低音揚聲器和高音揚聲器)
  • 分音器或電容器 (供高音喇叭使用)
  • 12 伏特的條狀LED燈
  • 如果您的電源供應器大於12伏特,則使用LED照明的電阻器
  • 各種長度的電線
  • 使用木製面板將其圍住(若需要)


  • 焊烙鐵
  • 孔鋸
  • 手鋸
  • 刀具
  • 各種螺絲刀
  • 熱溶膠槍

藍芽音頻模組的範例http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/kkmoon-tda7492p-2-25W-V2 ...

關於 GEC 無線電拆卸、測試和重新安裝的完整視頻說明如下.....

Step 1: Mechanical Assembly/modifications 機械裝配/修改

Step1 – Remove and replace!

I tried and tested my radio first to check it definitely didn’t work. Then I realized what I wanted to do with it. See videos below. Part 1 of 4.

Open the radio enclosure and remove the old broken items. You may want to leave the speaker in place.

Find appropriate places for the Bluetooth PCB and Power Supply, remember you may need access to the power supply so you can plug-in mains cables etc. Fastening these in place with hot glue worked for me.

Fit new speakers and lighting!

Get your speakers, draw around them, and cut appropriate sized holes. Keep in mind, the speaker cover may be material – you may need to remove this before doing any cutting unless you intend to replace the material.

If you need to, make a wooden back-board and a fixture for the internal lighting.


我先試著測試收音機,確認它真的無法使用了。然後我意識到我可以用來做什麼,請見以下視頻。 第1部分,共4部分。

打開收音機外殼,並清除舊的破損物品。 你可能想要把揚聲器放在適當位置。



讓你的揚聲器圍繞它們,並切割適當大小的洞。 請記住,揚聲器蓋可能是材料 - 您可能需要在進行任何切割之前將其移除,除非您打算更換材料。


Step 2: Electrical Assembly 電氣組裝

I then soldered cables in place for the speakers, and connected and tested the whole system before continuing forward. I actually had a faulty PCB and needed to replace it. Once you have tested everything works, fit it all! – Hot glue and various fasteners – use as much of the original equipment as possible to keep costs down. I then followed up by fitting a bright white LED lighting strip and a 10 Ohm resistor to reduce voltage as my power supply was 19 volts. My suggestion, use a warm-white LED strip as the "white" ones can appear a little blue. Please see the circuit diagram for connection details...

然後我將電線焊接到揚聲器的位置,並在繼續進行之前連接並測試整個系統。 我實際上犯了個PCB上錯誤,需要更換它。 一旦你測試所有機件,都恰當的! - 熱溶膠和各式緊固件 - 盡可能多使用原始設備,以降低成本。 然後我隨後安裝了一個亮白色的LED照明條和一個10歐姆的電阻,以降低電壓,因為我使用19伏特的電源供應器。 我的建議,使用溫白色LED燈條,因“白色”可以會看起來有點藍。 請參閱相關細節的電路圖...

Step 3: Test and Enjoy!

Double check all your wiring, test everything works before fitting the rear panel (its all low voltage).

Make sure the rear panel fits well, plug it in, await the beeps! Connect your phone, play your favorite music...

Drink a beer!



確保後板是否可妥善地合適,插入後,等待嗶嗶聲! 連接你的手機,播放你最喜愛的音樂...


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    Thanks kindly! It works a treat and was donated to a pub for use as a sound system! Nice youtube channel BTW ..