20ft Wooden Binder Clip Bow

Introduction: 20ft Wooden Binder Clip Bow

this is a fairly simple sturdy bow. it is made out of wood even though it looks like it is made out of binder clips. it is very reliable and easy to use and IT SHOOTS 20 FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the parts are easy enough to find and this is one of the best office weapons i have ever seen. i seem to make lots of great weapons like this. i suppose sitting on my futon with nothing to do inspires me. Happy Hunting!

Step 1: Gather Materials

you will need:
a piece of flexible softwood about 13in. long (small shrub limbs work great)
a sharp knife that u can use to debark the wood
a rubber band about quarter the length as ur wood (you will cut band in half)
around 16 small binder clips (i used 16 for a 12in. bow)
BBQ skewers (opt. you can shoot pencils or something else but skewers work best for arrows)
duct tape
ruler at least 12 in.

Step 2: Starting With the Wood

take the wood and hold it over a trash can.
use your knife to remove all of the bark from the wood
IMPORTANT clip a binder clip around your wood, if it fits firmly take it off, if the wood is too big to clip it on or to small for the clip too hold you need to get another piece of wood

now skin all of the bark off of the wood
smooth out any serious knots so the wood is relatively smooth

put down ur knife and go to the next step

Step 3: Soaking the Wood

now go fill ur sink with water and ill explain everything

find a rock or something that doesn't float that is relatively big

put ur wood in the sink and it will magically float!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is when u put the rock on it to hold it under water
(if ur sink isnt big enough u can use a bathtub)

leave it there fur about 30 min. tick tock tick tock.............................

Step 4: Bending the Wood

this looks hard but its pretty easy
take the ruler and the duct tape and make a contraption like the one below
look at the picture carefully i have confidence in you

if this is too hard fur u to make u can make ur own contraption to bend the wood

leave it like so for AT LEAST 12 HOURS
do this before you go to sleep so u aren't anxiously waiting all day!

Step 5: Installing the Band

now u can remove ur wood from the ruler

i know its hard to get all the tape off but youll find a way

now cut slits about a millimeter deep in each end of thebow lengthwise (as if trying to split wood in half)

insert the band in between the slits and tape each end there

Step 6: The Arrow Rest

place a clip sideways on your bow so the hanldes are facing to your right if you hold the bow properly

remove the handle on the clip that is facing AWAY from you

later u will slide an arrow thru here

Step 7: The Clip Shell

now clip the rest of the binder clips down the side to finish the bow

hold the bow in the proper position,
attach the clips facing toward you NOT AWAY FROM YOU

remove all of the handles on these binder clips

Step 8: Ur Done!

happy hunting

WARNING: if u are using BBQ skewers as arrows DO NOT  SHOOT  AT  OTHER  PEOPLE
those things are sharp and if you are truly robin hood they will probably pierce open skin

another helpful hint

if projectiles do not fly straight, wrap a bit of duct tape around the end of the arrows

this will provide a more stable flight

-a message from
owner and operator of V-Works ltd.

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