210mm FPV Quad

This guide on building a quadcopter will take you all the way from basic soldering to fully assembling your quadcopter. It assumes you are a complete beginner, but you do know basic electronics(negative, positive, what voltage is), and you’re familiar with the parts of a quadcopter.
It also assumes: You have a radioYou have a pair of FPV gogglesYou have a chargerYou have some batteries(1300-1500mah 4S are good for beginners)I recommend going through the guide once before sitting and attempting to build it – I’ve written it so that you can follow along as you build, but it’s good to be familiar with the process before you cut up any wires. This is not the only way to build a quadcopter – some people build in a different order, and the end result is obviously the same. Ultimately, it’s a matter of finding what is the most comfortable and fun for you. For this build, I’ll be using:

Generic 210 QAV-style frame

§ RacerStar RS2205 2300 kv motors

§ RacerStar Lite 30A ESC

§ Generic Matek PDB

§ Omnibus F3 flight controller

§ AOMWAY FPV transmitter

§ HS1177 FPV camera clone

§ Foxeer RHCP antenna

§ FrSky XM+ Receiver

§ King Kong 5040×3 props

§ Ovonic 4s 1300mah lipo battery 100C

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