.22 Target





Introduction: .22 Target

This is a .22 or other small caliber rifle target. It can be used for pellet guns also. The target will stick into the ground simply. Have fun shootin'.


B-B-Q skewer or Popsicle stick

beer caps

glue sticks


knife or scissors or saw

glue gun

Step 1: Cutting the Skewer

Cut the skewer in half with your cutting tool. If using a knife cut half way through then crack in half. It will usually be a clean cut. Do not cut the Popsicle stick if using that it's at perfect hight.

Step 2: Start Gluing

put glue on the top of the cap and then stick on the skewer. Make sure that the point end is not on the cap. Let the glue dry.

Step 3: Start Shooting

Make about 20-30 of these if you want and stick in the ground and shoot. Once you master these start shooting the lead of a sharpened pencil with out hitting the wood(my dad can do that at 50yrds). HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE GUNS ARE NOT TOYS. Thanks for viewing this is my first ibl' please send tips on making ibls'.



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    3 Discussions

    Great simple idea that would have the kids going for hours with an airgun, and then hours making more....LOL

    2 replies

    fun little targets but they take a while to make i like to now use Popsicle sticks more than skewers

    Oh yeah, good idea, so it is easier to face and they dont spin in the ground - well done! You should do an update, it is very smart.
    Thank you.