220v Led Driver Circuit Without Using a Tranformer




This video is about making a simple 220v led bulb without using a transformer.
the number of leds can be increased by connecting in series.to increase the output current, use a 1uf capacitor in place of 0.22uf capacitor

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    3 years ago

    This is a great video...Thank you!

    I am trying to fix a friend of mine's Xmas lights. it is a length of 20m of LED's so about 400Led's. The little controlbox that came with it has broken and I just want to light up the LED's for him. I used a bridge rectifier for the 220ac to 200dc then to a 330uF 400V Cap...but the resister just burns on the one AC line into the bridge rectifier...Please could you give advice one what I can do?

    ashraf sayed

    3 years ago

    awesome you are clever.