24 - a Ticking Bomb That Asks You to Put Down Your Phone

Introduction: 24 - a Ticking Bomb That Asks You to Put Down Your Phone

24 (formerly known as key) is a timer that encourages the users to put down the phone and focus on other tasks, instead of wasting time on the phone. It was designed to be like a bomb to provide a better outcome of behavior change because of its intimidating looking.

Step 1: What You Need?

To make this yourself, you will needing the following materials or substitutes. Also be creative and find your own materials to change or cover some of those:

Arduino Board


Push bottom switch

LED ring (NeoPixel)

2000mh battery

Tubes where you can buy at Lowe's (I choose the 2 inches ones.)

wood chip board / compressed paper chip board

red paint


stickers (round, printed by the vinyl printer)

black tapes

Step 2: Make the Controlling Unit

Cut the board into 6 pieces in order to put together into a little box to hold the central controlling unit. It doesn't really matter what the size is as long as it can hold all the units:

Arduino board


The key is to make the slot for the phone, based on the size and shape of the phone of yours, you will need to make a customized slot cut out from the box. And there is more to pay attention to:

the width is simple to do: just cut the front face all over (of course make sure it is shorter than your phone so that your phone has somewhere to rest on)

the depth is determined by how much space is taken by the Arduino board inside the box (don't forget to measure the bottom switch) (this step is key, make sure your phone can easily rest on it)

the thickness should be ideally just a bit over the thickness of the phone

Then You will have to solder the wire into the led ring to make it ready. (Data in, not Data out)

Step 3: Making the Bomb

Cut the tubes into equal length. I cut into 7 but you can choose your number.

Then paint the tube and the central controlling unit box with paint. Red would a smart choice.

Step 4: Write the Code

Shout out to Becky (Rebecca Stern) who basically wrote everything of the code!

Step 5: Finishing Up

First binding all the tubes (make sure it is 100% dried from paint LOL) stick the stickers at the both ends of all the tubes. Then fix and LED ring on the box and fix the box onto the tubes. Now you have bomb! No, actually a timer.

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun design :) My teenagers would get a kick out of this!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Glad you find it fun:)