24 Hours 1 Cycle Spinning Globe.




This instructable shows u how u can easily build a globe that spins 1 cycle through 24 hours.

Needed are:

A. mini globe
B. 24 hour clockwork
C.Rubber washer
D. Industry glue

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Step 1: Material Overview

Here are all the components.
The rubber washer and the part on the left of the washer came with the 24 hour clockwork.

Step 2: High Torgue

This clockwork needed to have High Torgue in order to be capable of spinning the weight of the globe.

Step 3: Connect the First Piece

The first step is to wind some tape around the white base. (the hour part of the clock)
Then slide over the piece u see in the image, so it is securely locked in place.
U can see the minutes core sticking out in the middle, Make shure u place the first piece as HIGH as that.
Otherwise the globe will not turn smoothly.

Step 4: Add the Rubber Washer

Add the rubber washer on top of the first piece and glue it tight.
The rubber washer acts as the resting base for the globe.

Step 5: Adding the Globe (Final Step)

Take your hollow globe and glue it on the rubber washer.
Make shure the globe is balanced perfectly in the center so the clock will have less work to do to spin it around.

Step 6: Final Touch

U can ad Led's on the base to make it more eyecandy, and create a beautifull base for the clockwork to rest in.
Feel free to show me your creation!

Have fun watching the earth spin in realtime!!!

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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    You start with what I'd like to finish with: a mini-globe. Where did you get yours?


    5 years ago

    That would be realy funny!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! I need to make one of these for my dad, he would love it.


    5 years ago

    An awesome addition(in my opinion) would be to add a wire marker that wraps from bottom to top center to show where it is currently 5pm(beer time!) in the world!