24oz. Can Coozie




     I noticed that there are more and more fine beverages available in 24oz. cans.
I have also noticed there is a lack of proper insulating devices to fit said cans. I started
by neatly disassembling an old unused leather tool pouch. I then sewed two pieces 
together that would more than cover my slowly warming beverage. Next I created a 
layer with a sufficient R-value so as to keep my drink cold within the leather outer skin.
I just so happened to have an old ratty sweatshirt that was dying to be a tissue donor.
I cut two rectangles from the shirt and layered them on the leather with spray adhesive.
I trimmed everything up after the glue dried and added three snaps to the narrow ends.
I wanted to add an extra bit of functionality to this new creation. It's a sort of swiss army 
knife of can coozies. I added the small pocket from the original pouch to one side of this
fine carbonation conveyance. This turned out to be the perfect accessory for the drinker
on the go!    
       I hope this was detailed enough for everyone. I have enjoyed this site for a couple 
of years now and this is my first 'able. I tend to create in an improvisational manner 
which isn't very conducive to planning on making directions for others to follow. 
                                                                     Enjoy, Mr.NewMr

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, on a side note this also fits the 1pt 6oz (650ml) bottles.