$25 Luggage From Storage Box

Introduction: $25 Luggage From Storage Box

This came about when I moved 7692 kilometers from Victoria, Canada to England and I didn't have enough suitcases for my stuff.

Disclaimer: Let me be the first to say that this may not work as well for you as it did for me.  Your Rubbermaid luggage may collapse, crack, shatter etc.  I took a risk sending things this way, and you should consider that fact when you do this.  If you think your luggage might be inspected by hand, you should provide instructions for closing it again.

Here we go!

- 1 Rubbermaid Roughneck box.  It is VERY important not to get a cheap, brittle box, or one whose lid will slide off.  The Roughneck boxes withstand low temperatures, and will not crack easily.  Check these things if you decide to go with a different brand.  Make sure it is within the allowable size (and weight, after you fill it) for the airline you want to take.
- 2 webbing straps of the simplest variety
- 4 Zip Ties (zap straps, cable ties), which are RATED TO 50 or 100lbs.  Check the packaging.

The rest is easy, just follow the pictures!  The Zip Ties are for keeping the webbing straps in place.  Use a utility knife to cut four pairs of slits in the lid that are just a hair further apart than the width of the webbing.  The slits should each be just wide enough to fit the Zip Tie through.  The Zip Tie's "knob" should be on the top of the lid to allow the lid to fit properly.

You don't need to take the straps off to put the lid on.  Just loosen them.

Happy travels!

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