$25 Rack Stores Five Bicycles!




Introduction: $25 Rack Stores Five Bicycles!

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This is a wooden rack I built to store 5 of my bicycles. It is constructed of 2x4 and 2x2 lumber assembled with glue and screws and the shelves are nailed on with steel framing brackets. The total cost for materials was about $25 and it could be built even cheaper if you can find 2x3 lumber or you have some of the materials already laying around your workshop.

The upper bicycles are bungee'd to the rack in case of earthquake or Godzilla attack but really they stay pretty well without the straps.

Please let me know what you think about the rack. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for checking out my slideshow.



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    i have to make one like this, i have 6 bikes, but one it's a freestyle bike, so maybe fit between the two bikes from the top

    Great design.  I just did mine, with some modifications.  I have 6 bikes, and I made mine a little bigger.  Plus I used fence post for the top shelves that I had laying around. 

    I'm going to build this this weekend. Could you just extend the 2x2 cross braces so that the shelves rest on them rather than using steel framing brackets (that would at least save me a trip to the store as I have enough wood at home).

    Love this rack. I built one with a plywood platform underneath and added some casters so I could wheel it around the garage to get it out of the way. I plan to use some plywood across the middle crossbars to make a shelf for helmets, shoes, etc. Great idea.

    Just a thought; It would have been easier to see how it is made if you included one photo without any of the bikes on it, just bare wood. :-) But it's a great idea and I plan to build it --thanks!

    That is awesome. I'm going home today to make one of those bad boys. I think I'm going to try to make some shelving at the top of the a frame for some helmets.

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    Good luck with the build. I've been using this rack for a while now and I still really like it. The design has worked well and freed up a lot of floor space. It's not the prettiest rack but function and low cost were far more important to me. I'd love to see pics (I'll even post them here if you'd like) once you get something put together.

    Ryan, thanks for the measurements. I'll be building a rack soon. For what is it worth, I'll be taking some 2" or so PVC and splitting down the middle for a tire tray on the shelves, cheap, easy and it'll ensure the bikes don't slip. Nice work!

    Very nice, can you provide some of the basic measurements of the lumber please? Thanks!

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    Sure. • The 2x4 shelves that hold the upper bikes are 5 feet long. • The A-frames have a gap of 18 inches between them. • The 2x2 cross braces in the middle of the A-frames are 17 inches long. • The 2x4 braces at the top of the A-frames are 8 inches at the top with 7 degree miters on each side for a total angle of about 14 degrees. • The shelves were set at 4 feet from the floor ends of the A-frames, this turned out to be a little higher than it needed to be. Lower shelves would make lifting the bikes up easier since you wouldn't have to lift them as high. • I believe the uprights on the A-frames are 7 feet and some change. [I'll have to measure] • I used glue and screws for everything except the shelves which are nailed on with galvanized steel framing brackets. • Although some sort of channel could be used to better secure the wheels on the upper level, I found that the bikes are pretty stable on the 2x4's and with a bungee cord on each bike I think there is almost no risk of the bikes falling. Let me know if you'd like any more info.

    Pretty sweet bike rack, but you do have to watch out for those f'ing Godzilla attacks!