250 Ninja Otterbox Iphone Mount


Introduction: 250 Ninja Otterbox Iphone Mount

I just got a 2011 250 Ninja. The first thing I noticed while riding was I have no clock! I searched and found many $30-50 addon's.  Didn't really care to spend that much. I used a simple conduit hanger and a #8 32x1/2 screw to mount my otterbox holster to my bike.

1. You'll need to have an otterbox case.
2. take your drill and put a hole in the belt buckle of the otterbox holster.
3. put the screw through the conduit hanger and the buckle adding your nut at the end of the screw.
4. put the conduit hanger on bike and screw it down.



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    Did you do anything else to keep it in there? My iPhone likes to fall out of the holster with the screen out.

    2 replies

    I didn't do anything else. I hadn't used my otter box hip holster for anything else so maybe its still rather stiff. I had thought about Velcro and put the soft side on the phone.

    We talked about it a lunch and though a rubber band would work. I've bounced two phones down the highway over the years - one twice... I don't know if the iPhone would live at 110 kmph on pavement.

    Greatt post man, took your idea and used it on my bike, even added a LED flashlight using the same idea. thanks for the idea!