25cent Ring




Intro: 25cent Ring

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

An American quarter

A drill

A dermal tool

Eye glasses

A hammer

A nail

And a weight ( an anvil will work better )

Masking tape

Step 2: Making the Body

To make the body place the quarter on the weight or anvil and hammer it as you slowly role the quarter on the weight or anvil ad don't stop until it's at least 1/8th inch thick

Step 3: Drilling the File Hole

To drill the file hole you first start with a 1/8th drill bit and work your way up to 3/8th to comfortably for the file

Step 4: Fileing

This step is pretty much self explanatory all you have to do is file a hole so your dremel tool fits in side

Step 5: Dremel Out the Inerds

This step is also self explanatory you just sand out the insides so it's smooth

Step 6: Clean It Up

To clean the ring up I ran the top of the ring on the sanding bit at a low speed and then follow that up with using a polishing bit at the highest speed



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