2D Arduino Plotter (arduino Uno, L293d, Cd-roms, Servo, Cd)





Introduction: 2D Arduino Plotter (arduino Uno, L293d, Cd-roms, Servo, Cd)

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Hello, dear! In this tutorial we will make 2d arduino plotter.

Step 1: Components

You will need:

Step 2: Taking Apart CD-ROMS

Take apart CD- ROMS. You will need only box and stepper motor(as on photo)

Step 3: Mechanical Part

  1. Now you need to unite two parts of cd-roms body. The must create 90 degrees angle.
  2. Screw holes for stepper motors with their base.
  3. Fix them with screws and nuts.
  4. Fix pen like on the photo
  5. Add table

Step 4: Soldering and Wiring

  • Solider wires to stepper motor
  • Plug shield into arduino
  • connect everything to shield
  • upload sketch

Step 5: Printing

Step 6: Enjoy



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6 Discussions

hello, very nice instructable. I have a question. How I know, how to connect step motor from CD-ROM mechanics to pins to L293d? Step motor from CD-Rom mechanics are 4 wires motors, and have A,B, A,B, but I have no idea how to connect to shield + no idea how to distinguish that pins on step motor.


2 months ago

Great,2 old CDs,80$ worth of electronics and learn C++.I saw the same thing on Creative Channel,the idea isn't original.Anyway great use of trash.

1 reply

15$!!! worth of electronics

Very nice! It's fun to reuse old tech for something new.