2L Natural Smooth Icetea

here is how to make the best all natural Icetea
All you need is:
-about 2L water
-2 Lemons
-3 bags of lipton black tea
-100ml white sugar
-100ml brown sugar

-pot to boil water
-fruit press

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Step 1:

Start with this:
-Boil 1L water
-Put 3 bags of lipton black tea into boil water for 2min.

Step 2:

-Boil 200 ml of water with 100ml white and 100ml brown sugar for about 1 min. (measure in volumes)

Step 3:

-Press 2 Lemons

Step 4:

-mix all together ( you can put all the lemon pulp and stones along in)

-add about 800ml cold water to make 2L (fill under faucet at full blast so it will get foamy)
-shake it a little (don't stir) until foamy! ( this makes the difference! )
-refrigerate,store in closed container (with a lid)

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