2Watt Guitar Head





Introduction: 2Watt Guitar Head

About: I am a researcher/ scientist in pressure metrology, in my spare time i play guitar, building thing, breaking thing,

2Watt Guitar Head using LM 386 based on masseberg project. Litlle amp for guitar using 9-13 Vdc as input for power supply Here the full project in PDF format

Step 1: Electronic Part

First making the PCB, the are two possible way for me etching by my self or make a PCB in local PCB maker but relatively cost much.
For this one i still use PCB maker because in future it easy to duplicate. Assemble all electronic part  using soldering iron,

Step 2: Casing Part

I think my inspiration like head cabinet type amp. but relative small that i can carry it in my bag. Al the thing from used thing that i can found.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Actually this PCB is tight fit and the cable for pot is to long m but with a little bit push i can make this thing in one box.



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    Really nice amp! if you are into small solid state practice amps here is one I found http://www.runoffgroove.com/ruby.html

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    Thank you, Ruby amp use one LM 386 which similar to this amp.I hope you make one and let me see your amp.

    I think it is mylar capasitor , iwill up grade this intructcables verry soon to add more picture and sound of course.