O-fat the Quadruped Robot With Acrylic Frame

Introduction: O-fat the Quadruped Robot With Acrylic Frame

This is a mini O-fat the quadruped robot, frame made from 2mm Acrylic cut with laser cutter.

Mini O-fat is 2dof quadruped legged robot, consists of 8 metal gear micro servo, 2 servo in each foot, for this tutorial I am going to make an avoider robot using ultrasonic sensors. for the future you can upgrade any into robots as desired, could be a robot fire fighting and other.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

This is what you need for build the quadruped avoider robot

1. Frame, I've provided the cdr file you can open with Corel and cut with a laser cutter on 2 mm acrilyc, you can use an existing color want.

2. 8 micro servo metal gear, use a micro servo type SG90 will mate for this frame

3. Arduino Uno.

4. Arduino Sensor shield

5. Ultrasonic sensor, you can use HC-SR04 with jumper wire

6. Ubec 5V 3A-5A

7. 2 cell 1000mAh lipo battery, or you can use 3 cell 100mAh lipo, but 2 cell more better because it more lighter, and 1000mah for small dimention because the robot is mini.

8. super strong glue for plastic

Step 2: Assemble the Frame of the Robot

First we raft body section, see the image fine, search forms part of the frame as in the picture, prepare nut and bolt the small M3, M2 and super strong glue.


Search part acrilyc as in picture 1 and attach Nut M3 on already provided, attach with bolt on a cell cover robots like in Figure 2-3, and acttach to base body as in picture 4, if the part mate take out from the base body frame, in other side (down side) in base body attact the little part like as picture 5-6 on second hold for lock with the cell part, look for the result in picture 7-8.

Up Leg :

prepare a parts as in the picture 9 look carefully there are 2 same part with different size hole, acttack little part join look the picture 10 carefully the hole on join part must be be like the picture.and attack up leg frame in other side pic.11. now build for part join to down leg look a picture 12. attact the block part to up leg in to the hole look the picture 13, attack the other part in mate place. For join with down leg attact the servo Horn to side join with large hole same size with the circle of servo hole pic.15 , add some glue on the joint area of acrilyc and to horn servo do it the same thing for 4 up leg part.

Down Leg :

Pic. 17 prepare the part, and like Up leg part attact the little join part on the midle down leg. do it for 4 down leg, the result look the last picture in this step.

Step 3: Installation of the Servo

Joint Servo place on the base body frame:

For placed servo on the body you need attact the servo horn on the base body part look in to picture 1-3 horn servo attac on down side of base body frame, look picture carefully add a super strong glue.

Servo on the up leg and down leg

Prepare 8 micro servo Sg 90 metal gear for first servo attact on top the up leg frame, look pic.5 add screw for join servo and frame Pic.6. for the Next servo attact on the join frame for down leg part the horn is already installed before add a screw on the hole shaf servo pic 9-10. and than attact the down leg part to the second servo and screw it. pic 11-12. do it the same thing for other leg.

asseble leg to the body

Look on the last Picture First to fitt the servo position is very imfortant.

look pic 13-14 attack the leg part to the body top servo on the leg attact to the horh servo in the base body screw it pic.15, do it the same thing for the other leg. the Frame and mechanism is ready, now for the next step.

Step 4: Controller System

Oke this is hoe to placed the micro controller and the sensor.

Prepare the arduino Uno, sensor shield, ultrasonic sensor and the jumper wire for sensor. put the arduino uno on the midle of body robot in the body is aready screw hole same size and position with arduino uno board screw it, than attact the sensor shield arduino on the top arduino uno, make sure the all pin is conected, the attact the 4pieces feame t0 female jumper wire red foe vcc pin sensor black for ground white for echo and yellow for triger. use a hot glue for placed the ultrasonic sensor on the midle front of robot the sensor fungtion as eyes.

Step 5: Wiring and Program

For this step do it carefully

Frame and mechanism is aready now for wiring forfirs you must connect the servo pin to the input pin arduino sersor shield , for first look Pic1 carefully, remember the servo position, and this a list where the servo connected

1. Servo 1 to Pin 2

2. Servo 2 to Pin 3

3. Servo 3 to Pin 4

4. Servo 4 to Pin 5

5. Servo 5 to Pin 12

6. Servo 6 to Pin 11

7. Servo 7 to Pin 10

8. Servo 8 to Pin 9

9. Triger Ultrasonic sensor to Pin A0

10.Echo Ultrasonic sensor to Pin A1

Make sure you connect the pin to the right position Red for vcc, black or brown to the Gnd yellow or white for data.

Next you must attact the Ubec protector power system, connect the output pin Ubec to the power pin on servo shield, Red for Vcc black for Gnd.

Last step connect the arduino to the computer with USB camle, download the .ino file is aready attact in thes step. open the arduino.ide open the file program and upload to the board.

in fact this program for my 3dof quadruped robot, but it's not a problem for robot 2dof could use a 1 and 3, while 2 are ignored for 2dof robot.

Your Robot now is aready to action, he wallk and avoider from the obstacle. connect the input ubec to the lipo battery put the battery under the body of the robot.

Step 6: The Other Robot Project Using Acrilyc Frame

Coming soon....

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3 years ago

Hey there!

Please could you let me know how much this cost you to make?

If you don't have an exact price an estimation would be lovely.



3 years ago

Hi,, i am using lipo 2200mah battery which is causing over heating in circuit .. so how can i avoid it.


4 years ago

Cool robot with well written instructions! I will definitely make one when I have free time!

Can't wait to see your next robot ;)

eric dirgahayu
eric dirgahayu

Reply 4 years ago

hahaha...well is still little view...