2h Stand Up Desk




Hi my name is Sebastian Kurzynowski

I sit too often.

Whole day in work.

In home after the work and in the weekends.

I feel my self sleepy and tired.

I do sport but it doesn't help enought.

And one day i discoverd what was my problem.

Now everything is great. Because of that....

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Step 1: Prepare Everything in Good Place to Work.

Materials cost about 40 euro.

1) 4 legs - 105cm;

2) first top of the desk : 80cm x 50 cm;

3) two pieces 37 cm to make legs on the left and right site more stable (6cm above floor);

4) 2 pieces of plank 14cm x 30cm (legs for the second top);

5) plank to make legs at the back site more stable 64cm x 14 cm;

6) screws 60mm long;

7) screws 40mm long;

Safety first!

Step 2: Do Holes.

Prepare holes for screws.

Use smoller drill than your screw.

Find symetric places in your constructie.

I planned everything during the work.

Step 3: Time to Connect...

Connect everything by screws.

You should begin with

1) the small top and two smaller legs;

2) connect number 1 to the big top;

3) connect legs to double top;

Well done :)

Step 4: Everything Depends of You.

You should decide how high desk you need.

Very important is to make your desk ergonomic.

Keybord can not be too high.

Your monitor should be in front of your face but not too close.

If you are not sure about the height of the smaller top you may read something about it.

Congratulations You have desk to work witch is good to your health.

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    2 Discussions

    Thanks. It is interesting experience. First moments with this desk was a
    little bit strange because i felt my self as i stay here only for a
    while. But after few hours i can say it is better than normal desk. Try
    it :)