2in1 Auto Glove-box Light




I needed more light in my Glove Compartment, but i wanted whatever it was to be removable as a car flashlight.

I decided to make an automatic glove compartment light that was removable from the compartment,and you could remove the micro switch to use as a flashlight.

Step 1: Gathering Items


  • long tube (fit in glove compartment)
  • 4X 9led flashlights
  • lever micro switch
  • 2 male & female crimp terminals
  • 9v battery clip and battery
  • some hookup wire (preferably different colors)
  • velcro
  • 2 bottle caps
  • Strong tape
  • tinfoil


  • paint and brush


  • Hammer
  • wire stripper
  • scissors
  • pilot bit (to make holes in caps)

Step 2: Gutting Flashlights

  1. First take out battery pak and bottom button
  2. At the top there is a piece of thin plastic you must break it to get to the led piece
  3. then after you've fully removed that piece, push in the whole 9led setup out the bottom, Now you're left with 4 9led pieces
  4. trim the pieces as shown to height of the leds

Step 3: Tube Building

  • Make marks where the leds should go then cut through (i used a box cutter)
  • Push in leds to test fit
  • Make holes in end caps for wires (one=center, other=off to the side)

Step 4: First Wiring

we will be putting tinfoil around the whole 9led piece to connect all the negatives and tighten with tape

Step 5: Wiring Switch and Battery

we'll work on the switch first

  1. first attach two wires (a few inches long) to the 2 outer leads
  2. then put a male terminal on one side, and a female on the other

Now we have a wired up removable switch

Now lets work on the battery clip

  1. first strip part of the red one in middle (as shown)
  2. then attach another wire to the middle
  3. Add another wire to lengthen the black one more than the length of the tube
  4. add male/female crimp terminal to that wire
  5. push them through the cap (with the hole off center) and hot glue it to the cap Not the cap to the tube

Step 6: Wiring in Lights

  1. Wire in the lights according to the diagram
  2. wire in the terminals to the switch
  3. glue those wires inside the cap as shown
  4. Place the 9led pieces in


  • When splitting a wire into 2 places, strip the wire in middle,slide it more, and connect to the bare wire in the middle

Step 7: Painting (optional)

  1. cover the 9led pieces with painters tape
  2. paint the rest
  3. (i left the ends unpainted for looks)

Step 8: Add Velcros

  1. Cut Velcros (9v battery pieces not shown)
  2. add to the tube
  3. add to the switch
  4. add to the glove compartment
  5. add to 9v battery and endcap to secure


  • i did vertical Velcro on the tube and horizontal in the glove compartment so it's easier to attach,and more easily adjustable

Step 9: Place in Glove Compartment

  1. put switch on it's velcro
  2. put tube on it's velcro

Step 10: Enjoy!

Let it be useful.

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    Pretty neat! Check out my diy for a wiring time saver. I bet it would help you, and feel free to vote?