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hey guys i made a new version of noodle's.. It is called noodles pancake :) i hope you will like it.
for one serving ( 1 pancake /pie)
(O) noodles ( make sure you buy the noodles which can cook very fast. e.g Maggie 2min noodles, koka etc ) 1 packet.
(O) salt to taste
(O) chilli power (depends on your taste buds.)
(O) 1 egg.

now for the colors 
(O) fresh coriander . 2 strands. ( 1 teaspoon)
(O) 1 small potato grated. raw ( uncooked)
(O) carrot (cut in long thin stripes) 
(O) oil for frying.

i would ask you to avoid capsicum because it would take time to cook.

Step 1:

break one egg in a bowl.. add grated potato , carrot strips, salt, chilli power, noodles taste maker, and mix.

in a saucepan boil the two min noodles. dont over cook.. wash as soon as they are  cooked.

boil a few chicken pieces.. shred then in small pieces and add them to bowl ..

Step 2:

now mix  the ingredients in the bowl until the every thing mixes with the noodles..
in a non stick saucepan heat 2 teaspoon cooking oil. 
now scoope out the noodles of the bowl into the  pan.. and spread it. 

(important step)

preheat the sauce pan and cook on low heat..  now place a lid on the saucepan 
the reason of using the lid is to let the egg cook and get fluffed

now on the other stove preheat the fry pan and turn the saucepan over fry pan. and place the lid to let the other side get cooked.

Step 3:

yuppie the pie is ready
eat with ketchup, sause..

well i prefer soya sause with vinegar :)




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    4 years ago

    Thus is commin to make with leftover spaghetti in tomato sauce here in Italy. Just take the pasta, stir in three pre-stirred eggs and pour it all into a well-oiled or buttered skillet. Push the pasta down flat as it cooks on low. About 5 minutes in, put a plate over the top and use it to flip the frittata in one. Keep cooking until done. If it's golden brown it's perfect.

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