2nd Session How to Build a PC

Introduction: 2nd Session How to Build a PC

Today, I will show you how to build a computer!

Here are the supplies that you will need


Video Card


Power supply

Hard Drive

Make sure that all of the components will work together, or the PC wont work

Here are the components we are using.


Video Card: GEFORCE GT 610

CPU: AMD A6 7400K

Power Supply: ORION 110/220

Hard Drive: 1 Terabyte Hard Drive


Before you start to build the computer, make sure you get a anti-static mat and wrist strap. It could break the motherboard and other fragile components.

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Step 1: Power Supply Installation

Take the power supply, put it into the case. Once it's lined up with the screw holes, lightly hand tighten the screws to make sure that once you tighten them with a screwdriver that they will be tightened evenly throughout.

Step 2: Install the Motherboard

Take the motherboard out of its box and the anti static bag. Next, lay the motherboard on top of the box and connect all the other components to it and test that they all work. Once you verified that they are all functional, you can go ahead and install the standoffs for the motherboard into the case. After that, insert the I/O shield into the back of the case, being careful not to cut yourself on the thin metal. Then you will slowly lower the motherboard in, lining it all up into the I/O shield first before you start to tighten the screws. Then you can tighten down the screws and you are done with the installation of the motherboard. CAUTION: WHEN YOU INSTALL THE THERMAL PASTE, MAKE SURE YOU USE A GRAIN OF RICE!!! OR IT COULD RUIN THE PARTS!!!

Step 3: RAM Install

Line up the modules with the notch and push with a little force until it clicks in.

Step 4: Front Panel Connectors

Attach the front panel connectors to the motherboard in the specified places. If it comes with a plate for it, connect it to that first. While you do this, make sure that you plug in your fans. The fans will need to be plugged into the fan connectors on the motherboard.

Step 5: Hard Drive Install

Attach the bracket to the hard drive if there is one. Insert the driver into the bays and connect the SATA Power and SATA Data cables.

Step 6: Install the Video Card

Open up a slot in the back of the case, slowly lower in the card, screw into the case, and plug in the connectors if needed.

Step 7: Turning on the Computer

You will need to plug in the 4-pin connector to the motherboard. and the 8-pin connector for the computer to turn on and function correctly.

Plug into a monitor and test. If it POSTS you were successful. The POST is a one beep, if you hear it, you have built it correctly.

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