2nd Birthday Monkey Cake





Introduction: 2nd Birthday Monkey Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's second birthday recently. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I cut it and she managed to get a handprint on it just as I took the shot!! Toddlers are soooo unpredictable....

I iced the whole cake with brown ready made icing and then used chocololate covered biscuits & white chocolate buttons for his ears, white chocolate buttons & chocolate chips for his eyes and piped caramel topping for the other accents. I will NEVER use caramel topping again for this purpose. As soon as it warmed up it started to melt and slid off the icing. It would have been ok if I served it immediately but I didn't so it took a lot of touching up. In fact I made 2 cakes for this birthday (the other cake for the day before and another birthday party) and the other cake was much more of a disaster but I will put up a post about it anyway because I liked it before it fell apart.

My daughter was absolutely delighted with her monkey cake, hence the handprint the moment she set eyes on it!



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    Its made using butter cake mix, the ears are chocolate covered digestive biscuits and the eyes are white chocolate buttons and chocolate chips. Sorry, that's all the 'recipe' I have, I totally winged it...