2x4 Essential Oil Holder




Introduction: 2x4 Essential Oil Holder

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holds all essential oils

Step 1: Inspiration

oils are everywhere so time to make a tiny oil shelf

Step 2: Rip 2x4

I ripped the shelves to 1/2 in and then cut it long ways in half so they would be 3/4 in i use this for the fronts of the shelf so it would give me a 1/4 inch lip

Step 3: Assemble Shelves

the 2x4 width was perfect for the shelf

Step 4: Assemble Frame

i just used the same 2x4 ripped at 1/2 in

Step 5: Hippy Stain the Wood

i figued i would try and use something i seen on the web i used coconut oil to stain the wood and couldnt be more please with the finish

Step 6: Rip 1/4 Inch 2x4 for the Back Glue and Nail

i used a brad nailer

Step 7: Check to Make Sure You Measurement Are Correct

the bottom shelf was a little tight but it still worked with the small oils

Step 8: Hang and Fill With Oils

simple easy way to store essential oils

Step 9: Admire the Work

look at the wood grain in the back!!!



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    Very nice idea! I think I will have to put some kind of front on mine to protect them from the light. Thank you for the inspiration!

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