2x4 Full Bed Frame Quick, Fast and in a Hurry




Introduction: 2x4 Full Bed Frame Quick, Fast and in a Hurry

So I was looking for a Full bed frame and was way too frugal to buy an expandable one for $80. I have seen some on here before, but I was trying to find the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to do it. So without further to-do, here we go.

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Step 1: Materials

(5) 2"X4"X8'

(1) box of 3" wood screw

(1) box 2" screw

speed square

impact driver

drill with bit for pilot holes

Clamps (optional, but helpful)

Measuring tape


Step 2: Frame

So I am making this for a Full bed, so measurements are 74"x54". This is the Google search size and the actual size that I measured.

First, cut the two sides to 74" and the center to 71"

Second, cut the sides to 51". (This is to account for the size of the 2x4. They are actually 1.5")

Use a square and clamps to get lined up correctly.

Drill pilot holes to ensure no splitting of wood (optional)

Attach using 3" screws using impact driver. Drill from the outside of the frame, in, obviously.

Step 3: Legs

I guess this part depends on how high you want your bed to sit. For me, I chose to make my legs 1'.

Cut (4) 1' sections of 2x4. It is important to cut them all to the same size because your next cuts will depend on it.

Make sure they are flush with whatever part will be the top of the frame.

Attach clamps

Drill Pilot holes

Use 2" screws to make a pattern like that of a 5 dice.

Do this all the way around

Next thing I did was use the scrap cuts of wood and traced a leg support (second picture) to attach to the original leg. Since it is traced, I am not sure of the exact length, but I am guessing it is somewhere around 8.5"

I attached these to the original legs with 2" screws, then came in on an angle and used a 3" screw to attach to the frame.

Lastly, I sanded it a whole bunch to knock off splinters and sharp ends.

Step 4: Put Your Bed on

Im about 200lb, and this thing is solid. There is about 8"of clearance underneath, so it is a great storage bed.

You could swap the screws with bolts and make it easier to take apart, but this whole project cost me $31.00 exactly (neat right?).

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This isn't a terrible instructable. It could be better though. If you had made the frame so that the bed fit inside it you would had had a sturdier frame. You would need to drop the legs and center 2x4 1-2". (not flush with the frame). Also you need a 2x4 between the legs at the top and bottom of the bed to keep the legs from splaying. you should also add another 2x4 piece to the bottom of the frame and 2 more legs on each side in the middle. Anything over 3' is going to sag when it is made out of wood. If this were a twin bed this plan would be fine. Kids usually sleep in twin beds. 1 adult and a possible 2nd adult in this bed is really going to make it weak over time, start sagging at the middle of the longest boards and the legs breaking off. Maybe a brace would work. Any carpenters out there? Am I right about this?

    ashburn orange
    ashburn orange

    3 years ago

    Great design ! I have done something similar using pallets as the inside part of the frame... works well too.


    Reply 3 years ago

    I have done a lot of pallet work myself! What technique do you use to disassemble? Recip or prybar? I welded a do-dad to a sledge and it breaks em up clean and easy.

    ashburn orange
    ashburn orange

    Reply 3 years ago

    I like to use a Recip... I just find it's faster,better stronger, it's whatever you feel comfortable using. I DO like the idea of using a do-dad to a sledge idea.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Sure beats paying $100 for a frame at the mattress store.


    Reply 3 years ago

    certainly does. I also think it took less time to assemble this than a regular store bought frame. All of about 20 minutes