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Introduction: 2x4 Work Bench

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Have a lot of scrap 2x4 here is a great way to build an awsome work bench top.

Step 1: Material

Lots of scrap 2x4 cutoffs/leftovers I built a fence in the backyard and had some extras so I incorporated them into the bench witch made it look awsome with all the diffrent colors of wood
kreg jig
3 inch screws
tap con concrete anchors
I used a
and a level

Step 2: Layout Where You Want the Bench Top I Chose to Do a Big Area Near My Peg Board.

drill 3 to 4 pilot holes along the 2x4 and use a level mark holes.
now drill with a hammer drill the proper size hole that you need for the tapcons you purchased.
mount 2x4 to the wall

Step 3: Supports

I wanted to be able to access my hurricane shutters so I choose to build 45 degree support right above the shutters I also seen another post where they did this and made cleaning up around the shop a breeze since I have a problem with that I can use all the help I can get

Step 4: Drill Pocket Holes

I just bought this and wanted to try it out. I drilled 2 or 3 pocket holes in each 2x4 depending on size of the 2x4
the drill bit broke halfway thru. I sent an email to kreg and they put a bit in the mail the next day that's great customer service.
I was able to push on with the broken bit and got the job done.

Step 5: Start Screwing in 2x4

try and stager the 2x4 joints

Step 6: Continue Screwing in 2x4s

until you reach your desired length and width.

Step 7: Caulk and Paint

I caulk the big holes and painted

Step 8: Completed Ready to Build Some Intructables on It

this turned out great

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    4 years ago

    Nice looking bench you have there! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you found out how to enter the contest.


    4 years ago

    how do I enter this in a contest