3-Axis Scale Ruler




About: 1/24 dollhouse paper model

This is a good tool to show the size of an object when you taking a picture for it.

Features :

  • Combined with a square tubular structure, and can be extended according to the size of the subject.
  • Can stand on their own, do not need to hand support, it is convenient for shooting
  • It‘s small size after separation, and easy to store. -
  • There are red, blue and green colors on three axes, and can be used to correct the color when modifying the picture.

Step 1: Good Point

  • The three axes are dimensioned, and the length / width / height dimensions are immediately recognizable.
  • You can take pictures by yourself. Do not need someone give you a hand
  • Background simple and clean, the subject is more obvious.
  • low cost & eco-friendly

Step 2: Tools & Materials


  1. Cutting Mat : used to protect the desktop, also extending life of blade.
  2. Ruler : used to scribing a long straight fold line.
  3. Scoring tool : a small round tip tool is used to scribing fold line. Such as inkless ballpoint pen.
  4. Knife : for cutting small or complex parts pieces.
  5. Glue : white glue (PVAc).

Materials :

  • Paper Size : A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • Paper Weight : 150 gsm is recommended.

Step 3: Workflow


  • Scoring the fold line to dent the paper.


  • Cutting pieces align black outline line.

Fold & Glue Glue

  • the folded pieces together by instruction.


  • Assemble parts by part numbers and stick by instruction

Step 4: Resource

- template file download -

Scale Ruler - S03

Scale Ruler - M05

Scale Ruler - L10

Have Fun!



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    2 years ago

    super cool idea! Vote for you. Where did you get the idea?