3$ BEST Screwdrivers & Tools Support

Introduction: 3$ BEST Screwdrivers & Tools Support

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There's some ideas to cut in angle some sewer ABS pipes. Found that it will take time to me to figureout how to hold them in place cutting them, or glued them on wall... For small tools, as screwdrivers, long and thin plastic cups are the best way to go I found. Enjoy !

Step 1: Build It

  1. I used door frame wood scrap. They are really light and straight.
  2. I cut small pine wood block with angle
  3. Glued all together with wood glue and used my nail-gun to hold the inclined plank in place.
  4. Drilled one hole on each glass bottom
  5. And used round headed wood screws to hold the plastic glass bottom firmly.



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    I've had a step by step now, cleaner How-to :)