3 Bathroom Pranks

Introduction: 3 Bathroom Pranks

Step 1: 1st Prank. ( Salt )

Ok so step one UR gunna get one of ur siblings toothbrush and put lots of salt so the next time he or she brushes their teeth title taste like salt!

Step 2: 2nd Prank. ( Slip on the Toilet )

Ok so for this one UR gunna get some soap and put it all over ur bathroom toilet and the next time someone try's to sit down and go they'll slip!!! And im using my drawer so I covered it with a shirt.

Step 3: Ok So Last Prank. ( Itchy Panties )

Ok so this one isn't really a bathroom prank but who cares, so ur gunna go in ur brothers or sisters room and get some baby powder and go to their panties drawer and pore the baby power all in their and get a long spoon cause u won't want to do this with ur hands and stir it up so u cans see white anymore so they won't notice and they'll be itchy all day!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Salt is really effective for cleaning teeth.


    4 years ago

    Salt is good for whitening your teeth though xD