3 Beautiful Blouses. You Just Need 2 Foulards




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With to foulards you can make three different blouses.


  • 2 Silk foulards (50x50cm)
  • 2 Safety pins

You only have to tie two ends of the foulards

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Step 1: First Blouse


  • 2 Silk foulards (50x50cm)
  • 2 Safety pins

You only have to tie two ends of the foulards and use the two safety pins as you can see on the images

Step 2: Second Blouse With Two Scarves

Tie two ends of the scarves.

Tie again the other two ends

Use one satin ribbon around the scarves

Step 3: Third Top With One Scarve and Two Satin Ribbons

You will need one silk scarve (50 x50 cm) and two satin ribbons

Fold in half the scarve, making a triangle. Tie one end to one of the satin ribbons

Use the other ribbon on the other part of the triangle

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    3 years ago

    that is so creative lol !


    3 years ago

    I never heard of "foulard" in English. I looked it up in case I'm not the only one: a thin, soft material of silk or silk and cotton, typically having a printed pattern.
    * a tie or handkerchief made of foulard.
    The blouses are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with the community! You have so many pretty items. I can't wait to see more!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    It's great to know that you learned a new french word that it's used in fashion in many languages.
    Thanks to you for the comments