3 Bucket Ideas

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Intro: 3 Bucket Ideas

Buckets can be an easy way to store and decorate your house! Here are three ways we have used buckets in our home.

Step 1: Bucket TV Remote Holder

Step 2: Bucket Night Clothes Storage

I (Steph) had been leaving my night clothes in a box on my floor, but then I thought of hanging this bucket on my wall with a picture frame and L hook. Now I have a cute place to keep my night clothes.

Mom found the bucket at a yard sale and I sprayed the inside with a clear protective coating to keep my clothes clean.

Step 3: Bucket Trash Can

Vicki uses this vintage ice bucket as a trash can in her bathroom.

That's it! 3 simple ways to use buckets in your home. Check out our website for more ideas!



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    2 years ago

    Very creative and useful ideas. (I need them from other people)! lol.

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