3 Customized Pen Drives | Multi-Purpose

Introduction: 3 Customized Pen Drives | Multi-Purpose

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If you ever need a small gift for someone, maybe it can be a custom pen drive.

There are people who always carry a pen drive.

In this Instructable I customized 3 of my pen drives and made them multi-purpose.

  • Bottle opener pen drive
  • Brush pen drive
  • Pencil sharpener pen drive

Apart from serving 2 functions, they are also unique.

Another good thing about customized pen drives - you can chose what brand pen drive to use.

If you'll buy a pen drive bottle opener form the internet, in most cases you'll not know what's inside.

It can be a pen drive that will not read your data after 2 months of the purchase.

By making your own pen drive, you can choose what brand to use.

I can understand a pen drive bottle opener, but a brush or pencil sharpener? Really?

I say - why not?

Brush is not for painting or baking, it's to clean the computer.

Time to time I need to clean crumbs from my keyboard or clean the computers fan.

I always misplace things, but somehow it does not happen with my pen drives.

Now if I need a brush to clean my computer, I know where it is :)

I know it sound crazy, but it's very handy.

What about the pencil sharpener?

Some people always carry a pen drive, pencil and a paper.

Artists? Writers?

If pencil needs to be sharpened, ta daa!

Step 1: Flash Drive Bottle Opener

Get a flash drive and a bottle opener.

Remove the opener and make holes bigger by drilling.

Step 2: Flash Drive Bottle Opener

Pour some InstaMorph moldable plastic in bowl of hot water.

Shape it and fill the flash drive's ring with it.

While the plastic is still soft, put the bottle opener on top of the plastic and squeeze it with pliers.

Add more plastic on the other side of the bottle opener.

Step 3: Flash Drive Bottle Opener

When plastic is hard, slowly keep unfolding/folding the hinge until it opens easily.

That's it!

Now you have a customized flash drive bottle opener.

Step 4: Flash Drive Brush

Get a paint brush and a flash drive.

Remove the handle and slide IN the flash drive.

You might need to trim the flash drive a little bit.

Step 5: Flash Drive Brush

Cover the flash drive with self-adhesive contact paper.

Put it all together.

My flash drive fit like a glove, so I did not have to use glue.

Step 6: Flash Drive Pencil Sharpener

Reduce the size of your old flash drive.

Step 7: Flash Drive Pencil Sharpener

Take a pencil sharpener and cut a hole for the flash drive.

Step 8: Flash Drive Pencil Sharpener

Glue it with a hot glue and you're done!

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