3-D Wall Art or Piggy Bank

Introduction: 3-D Wall Art or Piggy Bank

About: I am an engineer by day and crafter/gamer by night!

I currently really like robots and wanted a robot piggy bank, so I drew up a robot in CorelDRAW and Boxit.  I used it to create a 3-D "box".  Added the details to the "box" and a coin slot or hanging hole.  Those who do not have the program Boxit could just reduce the design and scrollsaw the sides. A box with shorter sides would be good as a wall hanging.

Materials Needed:
CorelDRAW & Boxit Program
1/8" Birch Plywood
Wax Paper (to glue and paint on)
Sand Paper (220 grit)
Wood Glue
Clamps (May need)

Note: the design may change through the project for I have made a few different designs.  I also photo edited off the last name on some of the designs.

Step 1:

I drew a picture of a robot and wanted it to have a lighting bolt heart.

You can draw just about any 2-D shape.  The original area between the legs was too tight for Boxit so I made the legs farther apart.

The different colors are for cutting and engraving on my laser.  I also changed the mouth to look like the robot is smiling in later designs.

I have attached a blank robot file so you can wood burn and scroll saw the design (if you do not have a laser). 

Step 2: CorelDRAW

I used Boxit to make the sides and front.  Be careful to make sure coins will fit in the bank.  I made one of them too small by not taking into account the wall sizes when designing this, thus a 3-D wall hanging came to be.

Step 3: Cut

I then laser cut the files, sanded with 220 grit paper.

Step 4: Assembling

Lay out where all the pieces go (as best you can) on the back of the bank.

Step 5: Gluing Sides

Glue the sides to the back.  Start in the middle of the legs, that is the hardest part to get together, then workout in a circle.  Do not glue the top on if you want to easily get money out.  The inside corners will need glue on two sides they may take some maneuvering to get all the pieces to fit.

Step 6: Gluing Top

Put glue on all the little taps except the top. 

Place top on side, try to get one corner in and then work from there.  May have to pull a little on the sides to get the top to fit into place.

May need a clamp if the sides are not "Sticking" together. 

Step 7:

Paint and finish with 220 grit sand paper.  Spray finish if desired. 

Step 8: Fill With Money!

Fill your bank with money!!!!!

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