3-D Cardboard Glasses Frames




Introduction: 3-D Cardboard Glasses Frames

You can make a your own 3-D glasses frame with cardboard. You need some cardboard, scissors and 3-D glasses(only the lens).

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Step 1: Cut Out the Cardboard

Cut a 6 inch by 2 inch cardboard( cut it to the shape you want) and trace the lens on to the cardboard and cut it out

Step 2: Putting on the Lens

push the lens from the glasses and tape them on to the frames.

Step 3: Making the Ear Piece and Completing It

DEPENDS ON HOW YOU WANT IT. I cut it 5 inches and same thing to the shape you want. Then just tape it to the sides of the frame and your done.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    idk just got bored and just watched a 3-D movie and poped the len's out but i wanted to use them again so ...yea