'3-D' Your Name This Chrismas (recycling Project)



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Hey every one .. I came home after 6months .. The weather is chill here.
the most amazing thing is that i made pocelain clay 6months ago.. and well yesterday i saw that they were in *rubber* form. it was some thing like an eraser.. with softness. so i made an instructable from it  :) i hope you will like it :)  well i thought to paste the accent on a frame to gift to my lovely cousin :)

things we will need
1.porcelain clay colorful irregular balls ( my one were balls , see the pictures )
3.cutting mat.

Step 1: Drawing on Clay

write on your clay with a marker ( any marker )


you can also make a flower if u r good at drawing..

Step 2: Drawing Finished

i jotted down all the alphabets of my name*

* not necessary if it is the correct one :p

Step 3: Cuting Time

time to cut :)

Step 4: Done =)

youe 3-D name is ready :)



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